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Step 1. Fill

Step 2. Weigh

Step 3. Pack


Made with US FDA food-grade HDPE

Ergonomic thumb-cap for comfort

Textured finish for reliable grip


What is the Grasshopper made of?

Easy to clean and built to last, the Grasshopper is made of food grade resin approved by the FDA.

Is it recyclable?


What size extraction equipment is the Grasshopper designed to work with?

It is compatible with 6” and 8” tubes.

Do I need to be a grower or processor to use the Grasshopper?

No, the Grasshopper was purposely designed with the potential for use outside of the hemp and cannabis industry.

How much time does it save?

We have done trials, but ultimately there are too many variables to say for certain. We recommend you take us up on our money back guarantee and see for yourself.

Is this the only Grasshopper product?

Currently, yes. We wanted to put out our most well-rounded product first as we refine the rest of the Grasshopper product line.

What is your Return Policy?

Grasshopper provides a satisfaction guarantee. (See below.) You can learn more at our Return Policy page.

What is your Shipping Policy?

You can learn more at our Shipping Policy page

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied, return your Grasshopper for a full refund

*applies to online orders only