About the Team


Co-Founder of Grasshopper

Lucas, Co-Founder of Grasshopper

Lucas is a relentless optimizer, unwilling to sacrifice quality.

In addition to years of independent experience, many successful collaborations with his clients have made Lucas a trusted advisor. Small first-timers and large established organizations alike have benefited from his broadly-informed insights.

Before diving into cannabis, he optimized workflows in the large-scale factory setting. He then started in cannabis with his first grow operation, producing humble yields as a caregiver. This is where he learned first-hand the effort and diligence that goes into high-quality product.

As Co-Founder of Grasshopper, Lucas enjoys ensuring that clients and customers excel.

He sees an open frontier in the cannabis and hemp industries. Wanting to push the sector forward into an even more prosperous future, he aims to advance everyday by delivering transformative services and products of peerless quality.

Lucas is a passionate musician with over a decade in percussion, as well as an experienced skydiver, scuba diver, and overall adventure sports enthusiast. As a long time yogi, he places high importance on health and wellness — both mental and physical — for himself and others.


Co-Founder of Grasshopper

Jesse, Co-Founder of Grasshopper

Jesse’s experience in the industry is diverse. Before starting his own ventures, he served in various roles and helped develop several successful operations.

Always hands-on, Jesse has put in the time with many different people and approaches. The common thread in every project is a tried-and-true spirit of continuous improvement. He shares the benefits of lessons-learned to help others practice what works — and avoid what doesn’t.

Jesse shares the holistic, firsthand perspective that cross-training in different roles affords. This way, he helps both new and veteran businesses to identify opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Jesse is a music producer and professional guitarist who has been playing for more than a decade.